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Permanent Seed Implants

Based on an experience of over 2400 implants in a 15 year period, coupled with over 45 peer review articles on prostate brachytherapy, Dr. Potters has pioneered a new approach for seed implantation called Real-Time Dynamic Prostate Brachytherapy, the 'Potters' Technique. This revolutionary approach utilizes state of the art computer planning software in the operating room to analyze the implant, as it is being performed, for correct seed placement before the patient is allowed to leave the operating suite.

Brachytherapy, also known as interstitial radiation therapy or 'seed' implant therapy, uses radioactive pellets that are inserted into the prostate. Placing the seeds into the prostate involves a minor surgical procedure as an outpatient.

The seeds will remain permanently within the prostate. Their size is small enough so that they will not be felt or noticed by the patient. The seeds used contain a radioactive isotope. The radiation oncologist will discuss the advantages of the different isotopes which may be appropriate for your care.

seedplanung4In general, the implant is a minor surgical procedure performed in the operating suite. Patients are given a spinal anesthetic and placed on their backs with the legs raised in stirrups. An ultrasound is used in the operating suite to visualize the prostate. Needles are then inserted directly into the prostate through the perineum, the skin between the scrotum and rectum. The seeds are then inserted through the needles into the prostate, utilizing the real-time dynamic prostate brachytherapy technique for constant radiation dose monitoring. We always treat the entire prostate gland, even if only one area of the prostate was positive for cancer.
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