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External Beam Radiation

External radiation therapy can be used to treat all stages of prostate cancer, it shows best results in advanced stages. Palliative settings, such as painful metastasis of bones, may also be successfully treated by external radiation therapy. External radiation therapy was historically regarded as a poor alternative to surgical removal of the prostate. We now know that this was due to an inappropriate ammount of radiation dose. Today`s technology allows us to safely apply the necessary high radiation doses needed to successfully treat prostate cancer, whilst simultaneously protecting neighbouring tissues and organs. Modern radiation therapy facilities use three and four dimensional planning techniques in addition to IMRT and image guided radiotherapy (IGRT). The total required dose is fractionated into approximately 40 daily applications, generating a total treatment time of about 9 weeks. The daily fraction can be applied in 2-3 minutes. Occasionally, the radiation oncologist and urologist will recommend that radiation be given in combination with hormone therapy.

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